Hi, My name is Junie B. Jones. The B. stands for Beatrice, except I don’t like Beatrice. I just like B. and that’s all.


taking a nap is always so risky like when will I wake up? in thirty minutes? in 2 hours? in 7 years?? no one can be sure

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Bad credit? No credit? First time buyer? First time baby? No legs? 8 legs? You a spider? Are you a Spider trying to buy a house?

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*doesn’t check bank account*
*pretends everything is fine*

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baby tastes salt and vinegar chips

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do you ever go through those phases where you just don’t feel like talking to anyone for a few days and it’s not because you’re mad or anything you just don’t feel like talking???

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TOP 5 JAPRIL MOMENTS IN SEASON 10 (as voted by my followers)

2. Jackson confessing his love for April (10x12)
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sending your selfies to NASA because you’re a star

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Japanese Strawberry Shortcake (by KitchenTigress)

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❝ Good people are like candles; they burn themselves up to give others light. ❞

— Turkish Proverb  (via chelseanoelani)

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He’s so fucking frustrated


He’s so fucking frustrated

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[touches own boob] nice

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❝ Saturdays are for adventure; Sundays are for cuddling. ❞

— General Life Philosophy (via kvtes)

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